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You have surely not missed out on the trend for wooden poster holders. These are two chopsticks held together by concealed magnets, which makes them very easy to apply to the poster and hang on the wall. A cord allows you to hang everything, for a minimalist style. In this article I suggest that you make this support yourself and adapt it to the dimensions of your illustration.


⌈ DIY Margot Bodard, Illustration Magnolias, A3⌋ format

The wooden poster doors, and their somewhat retro look, will give your illustrations a little workshop feel. This type of frame is also ideal for posters, photos or any wall art. Whether it is for the decoration of a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, an office, a dining room ... in short, to all the rooms of the house! They are found everywhere in decoration stores. But what's more complicated is finding the right dimensions that fit your poster perfectly. Today, I am offering you this simple tutorial for a small budget.

To make your magnetic wooden poster holder, you will need:

  • a thin wood cleat (personally I wanted a light wood, so I chose a pine cleat, 21 x 6 mm over a length of 2.4 m)
  • 12 flat magnets (mine are 12mm in diameter and 2mm thick)
  • 2 steel eyebolts
  • a rope 
  • a sheet of fine-grit sandpaper
  • strong glue
  • a tape measure, pencil and scissors
  • a saw 


First stage:  

Start by measuring the width of your poster. Mine is an A3 format and measures 29.7cm, so I am going to mark on my cleat 4 marks of 29.7cm. Personally, I find it more aesthetic when the sticks are the size of the poster, but if you prefer, you can let them protrude slightly (about 1cm).

⌈ DIY Margot Bodard, Illustration Magnolias, A3⌋ format


Now it's time for cutting.

If you don't have a wood saw, don't panic! You can request the cut in most DIY stores, directly during your purchase (count € 1 per cut). Just remember to measure your poster well beforehand.


Second step: 

After cutting the 4 pieces, sand the ends to smooth them and remove any splinters. Then come wipe them off to remove dust.

On each of the pieces, take the time to choose the prettiest side (with the least irregularities) that will be positioned on the visible side. 

On the other side, stick together the 3 magnets at an equal distance. Be sure to stick your magnets paying attention to their direction, they should attract and not repel each other. So that they are properly aligned, I advise you to glue the magnets on the first cleat then to superimpose them and to position the second cleat on the magnets previously glued. Leave to dry for the time indicated on the glue. Repeat for the lower cleats.


⌈ DIY Margot Bodard ]

  ⌈ DIY Margot Bodard ⌋

Third step: 

Come and screw the steel eyebolts on one of the pieces at each end. Personally, I positioned them 2cm from the edge. All you have to do is come and tie your cord. Place your poster between each magnetic rod and install your new creation in your interior!

⌈ DIY Margot Bodard ⌋


Trick :

You can personalize your support according to your wishes!

  • By painting the wood in color 
  • By varying the sizes of chopsticks
  • By choosing colored cords
  • By adding beads to your cord for a child's room, for example!

 ⌈ DIY Margot Bodard, Illustration The Anemones, A3⌋ format

⌈ DIY Margot Bodard, Illustration Magnolias, A3⌋ format


Do not hesitate to send me pictures of your creations !!


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