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The between glasses is a framing technique that I like a lot because it gives a feeling of lightness to the frame and a very modern workshop aspect. The work is simply caught between two glasses, which are closed with paper. A clip is then attached to the back of the frame to be able to hang it.


Tuto créer un cadre entre deux verres
⌈ DIY Margot Bodard, Ginkgo leaves, format A4⌋

This technique is particularly suitable for all documents created on fine art paper, especially those with jagged edges because it enhances the artisanal aspect of the document. But it is also suitable for photos, herbaria and to frame all your desires!

In this article, I suggest you show you step by step how I make my own frames between two glasses.

Are you ready ? Let's go ! But before you start, I advise you to read this tutorial in its entirety, because it has two parts.



To make your frame, you will need:

    • The subject to frame: in this example I am using the illustration Ginkgo leaves in A4 format, 21 X 29.7 cm (numbered art print to be found in the shop).
    • Two identical glasses larger than your subject: in this example I am using two 30 x 39 x 2cm glasses, bought € 5.30 at Leroy Merlin.
    • A roll of Gummed Kraft 2.4cm wide, € 3.80 for 200m at L'Eclat de Verre
    • A cutter and a cutting board

Steps to follow :

1. Start by cleaning your glasses. Then place your subject in the center of the first glass and place the second glass on top. 


  • In order for the subject to be well placed, the best thing is to make a paper template with the right dimensions (dimensions of the glass + dimensions of the illustration + dimensions of the suspension base).
  • So that your subject does not slip under the glasses, I use repositionable tablets to fix my illustrations well before closing the glasses.
Tutoriel cadre entre deux verres

 ⌈ DIY Margot BodardGinkgo leaves, format A4 

2. After closing the assembly (you can hold it with pliers), cut two strips of gummed kraft the width of your glasses and two strips of gummed kraft the length of your glasses.

In this case, I cut two 30 inch strips and two 39 cm strips.

3. Moisten your gummed kraft strips with a clean sponge, then glue the strips on all 4 sides. This is the most thorough part, so take your time!

Your kraft-circled frame is already ready! Tutoriel cadre entre deux verres⌈ DIY Margot Bodard, Ginkgo leaves, format A4⌋


If you just want to put your frame on a piece of furniture or a shelf, you can stop at this step. 

On the other hand, if like me, you want to suspend it, let's move on to the second step.



To make the suspension, you will need:

Option 1: Your frame weighs less than 800g, you can then use frame mounting clips: € 4 per set of 10 fasteners at L'Eclat de verre. 

Option 2: Your frame is over 800g (example case), then you will need:


Our frame is heavier than 800g, so we will have to make a stronger attachment, to support the weight of the glass. Given the absence of backing cardboard, in this technique, a base of a size smaller than the document will be used, which will be glued to the back of the backing glass and in which the fixing ring will be placed.


Steps to follow :

1. Prepare the base by cutting 2 cardboards 3 mm thick to the size of the document minus 1 cm of margin all around (it should not appear on the right side). In the example: cut two boxes of 19 cm x 27.7 cm.

2. On the back of the frame, at the location for the base, we will cover the glass with gummed kraft paper to ensure a perfect bonding of the boxes containing the fixing ring. 

Start by cleaning the glass thoroughly, cut strips of gummed kraft paper to the size of the base, then glue them edge to edge in one direction, then in the other, so as to completely cover the space provided (if you have created a garabit beforehand, it will be very useful to you at this stage!)

Tutoriel réaliser un cadre entre deux verres

⌈ DIY Margot Bodard  


3. We are now going to prepare the base. Come and cover one of the boxes with kraft paper, leaving 2cm protruding on each side. 

Then come and drill it at the location of the clip, that is to say in the middle of the width and in the upper 1/3 of the height. Then come and slip your fastener (fixing lace or linen ribbon in which you will have previously slipped your ring).

We will then glue the two boxes together and finally fold the paper over the edge of each side.

Tutoriel cadre entre deux verres

⌈ DIY Margot Bodard 


4. Cover the kraft paper on the back of the glass with white glue, place the base on it (be careful to put it in the right direction!), Then keep everything under press overnight (with very heavy books for example) . 

tutoriel cadre entre deux verres⌈ DIY Margot Bodard 


You now have a solid base that will be able to adapt to your frames of different sizes! 

You can also cover your gummed kraft with colored papers to personalize your frame as you wish!

 Do not hesitate to ask me your questions in comments and share your achievements with me!

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  • c’est superbe! très clair et bien expliqué! joli et raffiné! ca donne très envi de refaire la déco de la maison… bravo Margot

    Frédérique Bodard

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