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Many of you ask me how to highlight an illustration? How to find nice frames? Choosing a framework in itself, nothing very complicated, although ... how to navigate among the hundreds of thousands of possible choices? In this article, I give you a selection of my favorite websites.

⌈ Agapanthusformat A4



If you find your walls a bit empty at home, a large frame can dress the room in no time. However the choice of your frame will of course depend on its location in your home. In a small room, the choice will be more towards small formats, the overloaded side could have a shrinking effect on narrow walls. On the other hand, a large wall will gladly accommodate large formats. Frame walls are also very trendy, above the sofa, the dining table or the bed for example. The staircase is also a privileged location that should not be overlooked. You can use the entire height of the wall and even play with an angle.

Mushroom SeriesA4 formats

For this kitchen, for example, the choice fell on a very refined frame respecting the harmony of the room. The frames are minimalist and placed directly on a chair rail. This is a small wooden shelf specially designed to drop frames.

This trio of frames fits naturally into this bright and modern atmosphere. The wood of the furniture is perfectly matched with the selection of black and white mushroom illustrations and this minimalist framing.



For all the photos on the site, I have chosen to present my illustrations in frames between two glasses. The particularity of this frame is that it has a window both at the front and at the rear. A feature that allows your frame to be able to blend perfectly with the color of the wall on which it will be exposed. However, you have to remember to take a larger frame than the illustration, to leave transparency. The wooden chopsticks give the impression of floating in the decoration of your living room, your room or your entry. I particularly like this simplicity which highlights the illustration well. 

The frames of my visuals were made to measure by a framer. This solution will allow you to get exactly the result you want, while being advised by a professional. There are, however, some very pretty frames ready for sale. I offer you a selection of my favorites below. 



UMBRA, is a Canadian company specializing in design and manufacture of home accessories. It has an antenna with Netherlands for Europe. 

They offer a very nice frame to hang with a cord. One of my favorites!

>> Corda Picture Frame, 28X36cm, 20 €

They also offer a second version without the cord.

>> Document Picture Frame, 28X35cm, € 17.50

BENSIMON, is a French brand of ready-to-wear and French art of living. They offer pretty frames to come and put on a piece of furniture.

>> Photo frame, 30x40 cm, € 37.50 

ALINEA, business French decoration and furnishing also offers a frame in solid ash, made in France.

>> Ash frame, 30x40 cm, 30 €



REINE MEREis a design studio based in Toulouse. All objects are designed and manufactured in France, in small series, with respect for people and their environment.

>> Pouring frame, A3, 32 €

• MOEBE, is a Danish label bringing together three designers developing modern furniture. They offer a framework for large formats.

>> Frame, 61.5x44cm, € 79.95



• REINE MERE, I fell in love with this small frame, with its sleek design, which offers a unique and original alternative to the photo frame.

>> Glass frame, 22.4x14.5cm, 32 €


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